My Number One Daughter

Who likes to take the dog for long walks?
Who lifts up the rug to insert flower stalks?
Who likes to put cute dresses on?
Who wakes me up at half past dawn?

Who likes to put her whole hand in my mouth?
Who is it who’s just now learned how to pout?
Who loves to swing, and swing, and swing?
Who likes to sit upon the ceiling?

Who likes to spill beans everywhere?
Who likes to climb up into her chair?
Who likes to sit at the keyboard and type?
Who likes to eat avocados ripe?

Who’d rather spend the whole day outside?
Who likes to push herself down the slide?
Who likes to dig her toes in the ground?
Who likes to read books up-side-down?

Who laughs and laughs when her brother says, “Boo!”?
My number one daughter, that is who!

Copyright © Paul Guernsey Player, 2001/10/23

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