North American Vasa 2018 -374 days

10.4 km; 1:02:54; strava link

No falls today, but a couple near misses.

Most of my skiing tonight was “two skate-double polling” [] This is more relaxing without much difference is speed.

In the beginning I was limited to one-skate double-polling [] because I could not glide well enough on one ski – needed pole assistance on each foot every time. So, I am getting better, though I still revert to one-skate when I get tired.

One other thing. For about a week now, I have noticed an improvement in my breathing. I’m able to take deeper breaths. Seems to coincide with the new rubber ski tips. Don’t laugh. probably not related, but could be, since the tips have caused me to start polling with a fuller range of motion, following through to the rear. I don’t plant or push as hard, but that range of motion feels better. Pole tips are a sensitive issue, if you could not tell. Looking forward to using real pole tips on real snow.


North American Vasa 2018 -375 days

8.7 km; 51:15; strava link

Yesterday was my first day off day of the month – and my first fall in at least a week. I am calling it my “rapid deceleration” PR. I was accelerating down a hill when I got caught out over an outer edge at about the 8 km mark. Was feeling pretty good up till then, a bit tired. Must remember about off days and how rapidly muscles can start to forget at this stage.

North American Vasa 2018 -377 days

12.6 km; 1:05:55; strava link

[German Shepherd Owner] He’s scared. He’s never seen one of those before.
[Dunedin woman who looked like the Vicar of Dibley] Whoa! Cool. I’ve never seen that before. I’ll come along with you! [starts jogging]
[Little Girl on Playground] Cool skiing shoes!
This was my longest ski so far, both in time and distance. I realized today that time is also a factor. Need to be on the skis for several hours, at some point.