North American Vasa 2018 -362 days, flat tire

5.7 km; 33:10; strava link

The 2 mile walk back home in ski boots.

First time attempting to ski south of Marshal St. -> First flat tire. Co·in·ci·dence?
Should have been my long day. Was targeting 16 km.
Do snow skiers have flats? Probably not often. Possibly other equipment failures, but seldom flats.

North American Vasa 2018 -369 days

13.5 km; 1:15:19; strava link

[Stevenson Creek to Curlew Creek]

[Runner 1] That’s cool.

[Homeowner 1] We’re admiring you.

[Biker 1] That looks like fun.

[Biker 2] All right!

[Biker 3] That looks like fun.


Approaching the T -1 year mark. 25% of target.

Today was my longest distance and duration of the season. Tired at the end, but not completely spent. That’s a good sign. Tried to relax, when I could. Standing up with good posture helps, as opposed to bending at the waist.

North American Vasa 2018 -370 days

9.9 km; 52:20; strava link

[Biker 1] Nice.
[Biker 2] That looks like fun!
[Biker 3] Good job.
[Biker 4] Whoa! That’s really cool.
[Hiker 1] That looks like fun.
[Bar Monkey] He’s skiing! He’s skiing!
[Hiker 2] Skating?
[Hiker 3] Skiing, wow. That’s more work than anything out here, probably.

By the sound of the majority of my fans I’m starting look more like I’m having fun, and less like I’m working hard.
Wore through my second pair of rubber pole tips in two weeks. Back to steel tips, tomorrow. I’ll put the arrow target tips back on.