North American Vasa 2018 -341 days

11.2 km; 1:05:43 strava link

[Dog 1] WOOF!

Back on wheels!
Janex, Inc, the maker of my V2-150S roller skis, sent me a new tube for my 6 1/4″ wheel, which refused to hold air when I finally wrestled it onto the solid rim. UGH! Then I ordered TWO new complete wheel sets, this time with ratcheting hubs and split wheels that will make future tube changes more successful.
OK. Today’s ski. Nordic skating is superior exercise! My legs were ready to be done after an hour of this stuff. I was very pleased, though, that my strength had not suffered greatly in the 25 days since my tire went flat. I had switched to biking and running and had increased my workout frequency and duration, trying to stay in shape. I still managed to gain 5 pounds, but I feel pretty good.