Vasa Haka

Norrut Åker Vi

We fly to catch the shining Gustav lad,
our future king, for he was right,
the Danish Prince grows soft and lies too close to France,
and now has lost his pleasure in the simple things,
the wind that moans through needled bough,
the crow that caws on high above the ridge,
the warmth of fire as night draws in with edges hard.

Norrut åker vi.

Up North, we pray to find our hearts, our souls.
Up North, where friendships still do burn,
Up North, where loyalty once owed is paid.

Norrut åker vi.

2018/02/19 © paulGuernseyPlayer haka

Here is my entry for the “Tuesday Night Poetry Reading” contest. It started out as a Haka for the “All Whites” Nordic ski team (1 member: me). It sort of evolved into an anthem for all Nordic skiers who aspire to enter VasaLoppet. It is also a “note to self” about this whole “sojourn” of mine to Northern Michigan. All Whites, because that’s the color of my ski outfit, and because I am a fan of the All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team. Thus, the need for a haka. Still have to work out the dance moves. 😊

Because anyone who wants to be “unstoppable” needs a haka:

Because I’ve been working way too many hours and may be approaching the limits of sitting in one place too long. The random becomes more welcome.