We Visit Different Worlds

We visit different worlds in secret thought,
embark together via words to realms
invented by another, shared by all,
or to a living place we have not been.

We share this gift, this talent all assuming,
night from day and day from darkest night.
We creatures thus unalienably
endowed by our Creator, Nature’s God*,
our skills kept honed by speech and written page,
can never altogether be enslaved.

We visit different worlds together led
by artists’ boundless vision, slavers’ dread!

Paul Guernsey Player © 2018/07/22

in response to I VISIT DIFFERENT WORLDS, by Keith Garrett

*The United States of America’s Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman, 1776/07/04

Published by

The Guern

Software developer by day; kilt wearing roller-skier (looking for snow) by night. A Norseman misplaced, living in the Deep South.

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