Decentralize or Die

Decentralize or die the slow and autocratic death.
Ten thousand points of light, however weak, when once agreed,
and trained upon a common worthwhile goal outshine the sun.
We lift our lamp shades to the night and peer into the gloom.
A hope of kinship rises in our hearts, when to our neighbor’s
porch we turn our gaze and see his lantern also raised,
and to his North, and further West, the prairie kindles fires
both of hearth and home, as numerous as stars; each in
its own self-interest glows; no central planner sets the price
of our produce and wares. We meet up in the public web
to share ideas and watch each other’s children grow; and plan
their children’s liberty from tyranny’s seductive, cold

Paul Guernsey Player, © 2018/08/04

In response to My cynical use of enjambement by jWebster2


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Published by

The Guern

Software developer by day; kilt wearing roller-skier (looking for snow) by night. A Norseman misplaced, living in the Deep South.

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