sky trip

chicks make stinky nest
noisy sibling rivalries
how to lure them out

it all starts with little hops
follow the leader sky trip


in response to #Haikai Challenge #45 (8/4/2018): Vacation/Holiday #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga, by Frank J. Tassone

and to Vacation on a Limb, by Dwight D. Roth


Published by

The Guern

Software developer by day; kilt wearing roller-skier (looking for snow) by night. A Norseman misplaced, living in the Deep South.

6 thoughts on “sky trip”

    1. I have observed this process (a sparrow[?] nest in a an entry way) and also done some brief research. The parents do not push the chicks out of the nest. This appears to be a myth. An eagle, for example, will bring home a rodent and land with it a ways away from the nest, in full view of the fledglings, and start eating. When the children get hungry enough, they will descend, fully on their own self-determinism.

      My sparrows came out of their nest all on their own when the mother was away. First one then another hopped out, exploring the beam supporting the nest. Short little hops, followed within a day or two by longer ones to another beam and soon down to the roof of the car in the drive way. This trip was done in the company of the mother, but she was just there for support. The young ones, confident of their abilities to at least hop adroitly, took the leap all on their own. My poem is based on this family of admirable sparrows.

      1. Very interesting account! You got a special gift being able to watch this process. Thanks for your great response.

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