[blank verse] What We Do

From sunny Florida we process funds –
the payments for the flowing power billed
by gas and ‘lectric companies to our
fair friends throughout the Eastern States
and o’re the countryside Italiano.

The gas through pipes and tanks, unseen as well
the generated power through copper wires
flow, but at a lower rate than those
who made that power now would charge,
and so to us the users of that flow
do pay their bills, for we for less have sent
that self-same gas and light to businesses
and homes that thank us for their money saved.

Paul Guernsey Player, © 2019/03/26
Software Developer
American Power and Gas

[blank renku] equinoxical

sun slants through the window pane
springtime flowers glow

in sparkling facets crystal vase does catch
the morning sun and cast it thence in dance;
a spectral game of crack the whip at rain-
bows’ end

Paul Guernsey Player, © 2019

blank renku – a form of linked verse, written by one or multiple authors in alternating collaboration. Blank renku differs from renku in that stanzas alternate between haiku form, and blank verse. The shortest blank verse stanza would be a couplet. The longest would fill a Post It note, the original (fictional) medium of blank renku, as invented for The Blank Verse Mystery. Variations are expected.
Blank renku can be played as a game, in the original spirit of renku. It merges poetry from East and West. Writers can choose to write in their stronger form or in their weaker one, and in this way it is similar to Terry Pratchett’s game of THUD.