Climate Change – The Price of Peace

by Paul Guernsey Player

Human civilization runs primarily on Black Energy (the burning of fossil fuels), not wind, solar, nuclear, or anything else. American energy independence means that Iran could completely block the Strait of Hormuz and not trigger World War III. It means Russia could turn off Europe’s supply of natural gas and the U.S. would find a way to fill it. Green Energy will eventually grow in supply and affordability, but it is not yet ready for prime time.

Is Man affecting the Earth’s surface climate? Perhaps, but if so, this is the price that must be paid to prevent human civilization falling under the domination of evil and dangerous people, like the Ayatollah Khomeini, President Putin and Chairman Xi. An economically thriving United States is Mankind’s best and only hope of holding open the channels of liberty, free thought and enterprise. As Ronald Reagan put it in 1964, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” [ ]

Sara Palin was prescient when she said, “Drill, baby, drill“, which practice we must continue, until greener energies stand on their own and while resource and ingenuity-rich America still has this strategic advantage. We must use it for the good of Mankind. To leave our oil, gas and coal in the ground while Democracy burns would be a crime less reparable than minor temperature fluctuations. Environemntal damage, if caused by man or not, can be repaired. The Earth, including its thin biosphere, is less fragile than we have been led to believe. Can it be damaged? Certainly, but at what cost will we attempt to keep it within its present narrow range – a mere snapshot of the wide fluctions it has undergone for eons? Ice ages come and go without Man’s assistance. Swamps give way to glaciers, which melt again into the swamps, but the road from tyranny and repression back to anything resembling the Bill of Rights is not a road at all, but a river running deep with blood.

copyright 2019 Paul Guernsey Player

Hunting with Artemis

Sail, Sail thy best, ship of Democracy
-from “An Old Man’s Thoughts of School”, by Walt Whitman, 1874

Apollo on the moon did six times land;
Now, Artemis, her brother’s steps to trace,
will lead us on to giant leaps as dreamed
by Man for ages past and by Mankind
for ages yet to come; We dream. We sail.

The frailties of our mastless ships, our comrades lost
who only to this Earth again will land as dust;
these lessons learned from rockless, barren shoals,
of time and distances, and orbits met,
of windowed capsule doors, of parachutes and
ocean splash-down rendezvous with sea-bound ships
that steady on their courses found their ways
by sextant, map and compass still; we learned
of stiffened O-rings in the stratospheric heights,
of oxygen escaping on the launch pad,
voltage levels, and of mathematic units mixed.

But no ship built by man is strong enough
to turn back all unknowns, as learned Odysseus.
No mission plan nor plotted course foresees
all ends when blithely sail we past the edge
of land, and sea and night, our very sky.

And yet, we sail, and dream and sail again.
Resume we now our voyage outward to
those swirling stars that seem so constant hung.
With Artemis we run. With bow strings new
we hunt the manxome foes of ignorance and fear.

Paul Guernsey Player © 2019/07/20