Refrigerator Magnets 028 Seascape

The graceful lines of fluid-dynamic living beings and the media in which they live and breathe and move.
The graceful lines of fluid-dynamic lives;
The media in which they live and breathe;
The movements of their very bodies soar
and glide; So very little effort spent;

how does flying feel
machines do not impart it
only in our dreams
[blank renku] Paul Guernsey © 2020

[blank renku] My Song

My song is hopeful for the notes to come.
An optimist at heart whose rhythmic beats
Subside as waves retreat to clear the beach
For those that follow next on next to come.

tonal melody
enchanted trance of progress
never ending song

The patterns of my soul, myself, I sing.
Unheard, unknown until the string is struck,
A fearless measured stream impulsed from depths
Within me and without me, too, I feel
I listen just as much as sing and play.

Paul Guernsey, © 2020

Blank Renku

Haibun Monday 4/27/20: A Portrait of Two Masters

[blank renku] promises

 at the end of day;
the unexpected happens; 
promises not kept;

Developer with good intentions writes.
He codes until the end of day, or more,
and wanting more than just to do his job,
he promises to get things done for you.

Paul Guernsey, © 2019

[1blank renku – a form of linked verse, written by one or multiple authors in alternating collaboration. Blank renku differs from renku in that stanzas alternate between haiku form, and blank verse. The shortest blank verse stanza would be a couplet. The longest would fill a Post It note, the original (fictional) medium of blank renku, as invented for The Blank Verse Mystery. Variations are expected.

Blank renku can be played as a game, in the original spirit of renku. It merges poetry from East and West. Writers can choose to write in their stronger form or in their weaker one, and in this way it is similar to the game of THUD.[2]

[2THUD –  [see also Terry Pratchett’s 34th Discworld novel Thud!] “Thud is a strategic [board] game based on the ancient struggle between Dwarf and Troll…Players take turns to play the fast moving Dwarfs as they attempt to trap Trolls in a carefully constructed ambush, then take the part of the fearless Trolls who lumber slowly yet powerfully around the board. You can learn to play in a matter of minutes, and no two games are ever the same.” –