Beowulf in this week’s news

“But maybe this time. Maybe this was the One where all would decide that they wanted impeachment, that the president’s behavior was so outrageous that they couldn’t imagine this sleazy business guy sitting in the Oval Office playing a tinpot dictator in a tinfoil hat for another second.

“Maybe this was the One that would finally move Republicans to turn on the Grendel who is terrorizing the village and gulping down their party.”

Maureen Dowd, Posted on 09/21/2019, New York Times, Trump Walks a Crooked Mile, Has he finally gone too far?

I seriously doubt Trump’s Republican base will be swayed that this is “The One Scandal to rule them all, and in the darkness Bind Them.” We still have serious doubts about Equal Justice Under the Intelligence Deep State, Grendel’s mother. Until we see people held accountable for FISA abuse and FBI exoneration, we vote NO CONFIDENCE in one-way investigations. We are with Wiglaf on this one, at least until “we have first slain the foe,” the two headed dragon of Democrat Socialists and Fake News.

Should he alone be left exposed
to fall in battle? We must bond together,
shield and helmet, mail shirt and sword.

Beowulf, 2658-60, translated by Seamus Heaney

Climate Change – The Price of Peace

by Paul Guernsey Player

Human civilization runs primarily on Black Energy (the burning of fossil fuels), not wind, solar, nuclear, or anything else. American energy independence means that Iran could completely block the Strait of Hormuz and not trigger World War III. It means Russia could turn off Europe’s supply of natural gas and the U.S. would find a way to fill it. Green Energy will eventually grow in supply and affordability, but it is not yet ready for prime time.

Is Man affecting the Earth’s surface climate? Perhaps, but if so, this is the price that must be paid to prevent human civilization falling under the domination of evil and dangerous people, like the Ayatollah Khomeini, President Putin and Chairman Xi. An economically thriving United States is Mankind’s best and only hope of holding open the channels of liberty, free thought and enterprise. As Ronald Reagan put it in 1964, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” [ ]

Sara Palin was prescient when she said, “Drill, baby, drill“, which practice we must continue, until greener energies stand on their own and while resource and ingenuity-rich America still has this strategic advantage. We must use it for the good of Mankind. To leave our oil, gas and coal in the ground while Democracy burns would be a crime less reparable than minor temperature fluctuations. Environemntal damage, if caused by man or not, can be repaired. The Earth, including its thin biosphere, is less fragile than we have been led to believe. Can it be damaged? Certainly, but at what cost will we attempt to keep it within its present narrow range – a mere snapshot of the wide fluctions it has undergone for eons? Ice ages come and go without Man’s assistance. Swamps give way to glaciers, which melt again into the swamps, but the road from tyranny and repression back to anything resembling the Bill of Rights is not a road at all, but a river running deep with blood.

copyright 2019 Paul Guernsey Player

Blackface: Historical Proof Shakespeare did NOT Write his own Plays

Did Shakespeare even write the plays he produced? Lacking a word processor, even one as simple as mine (Windows notepad), or even a mechanical typewriter, where did he find the time? His hands would also have been indelibly stained with iron gall [1]. He would have it all over is face, as well, and for this he would not have been allowed to perform in public. The Globe Theatre would have burned for this blatantly racist use of the blackface in his paleo-Vaudevillian so-called “plays”, and not from staged cannon fire during a performance of “Henry VIII”. No amount of genus could excuse such a hideous act. Therefore, since he WAS allowed to continue acting and producing, Shakespeare can not, NOT POSSIBLY have been the writer of his plays.

This is satire, applying today’s cultural standards to yesterday’s people, who had not yet achieved our level of twenty-first century enlightenment. Examples of todays’ shifting standards regarding blackface abound, such as those listed in this commentary from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Opinion: Va., nation now sharing consternation over blackface.

Was blackface evil? Yes, and no. A little history from Wikipedia: “Despite reinforcing racist stereotypes, blackface minstrelsy was a practical and often relatively lucrative livelihood when compared to the menial labor to which most black people were relegated. Owing to the discrimination of the day, “corking (or blacking) up” provided an often singular opportunity for African-American musicians, actors, and dancers to practice their crafts.[71] Some minstrel shows, particularly when performing outside the South, also managed subtly to poke fun at the racist attitudes and double standards of white society or champion the abolitionist cause. It was through blackface performers, white and black, that the richness and exuberance of African-American music, humor, and dance first reached mainstream, white audiences in the U.S. and abroad.[11] It was through blackface minstrelsy that African American performers first entered the mainstream of American show business.[72] Black performers used blackface performance to satirize white behavior. It was also a forum for the sexual double entendre gags that were frowned upon by white moralists.”

Blackface made good theatre for races of many hues, but my comment regarding Shakespeare is less about blackface than a criticism of the anachronistic historical revisioning afflicting today’s culture. We tend to judge the past in terms of the present, forgetting that the problems of the past were different than ours, and the evaluation of relative importances of different issues can only be made with full immersion in the conditions and situations present in the day.

We cannot, for example condemn the founders of the United States, and the Constitutional Republic they formed for their failure to solve the Slavery issue as well as the Independence issue all in one go. The Three-Fifths Compromise [2] is an evil act only if you fail to understand its purpose: to allow the northern and southern states to form a union and to enshrine the values of the Declaration of Independence, at least partially, into an actual government for the first time in the history of the world. It was an act of racism, but also an act of faith in the future, and of survival for the delicate and budding nation in a time of great danger. “The Three-Fifths Compromise was the solution to the most difficult challenge the framers faced: how to create a single country out of people so divided on a fundamental issue.” [3]

History is valuable for the lessons it provides but it requires a humble understanding, a willingness to shift viewpoints to those who were there. It seems that we might have something to learn from our own past, if we could just focus our eyes for a moment and look at it, and at ourselves.

Who deserves more our retroactive ire? The people of history, as viewed from the present, or the people of today, as viewed from the future? If only we could read what will be written of us! We do our best with what we have. So did Sir Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare, or whomever wrote his plays.

[1] IRON GALL – iron gall ink, made from a tannins found in oak tree galls – which are growths that looks like golf balls and are caused by secretions the gall wasp injects into the tree when she lays her eggs – combined with iron sulfate.

[2] THREE-FIFTHS COMPROMISE: Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.”

[3] – Why the 3/5ths Compromise Was Anti-Slavery – “It wasn’t the racists of the South who wanted to count slave populations less than white populations – it was the abolitionists of the North…You might say that the southern slave states wanted to have it both ways. They wanted to count their slaves for the purpose of representation, but they didn’t want to give any representation [i.e. the right to vote] to their slaves.” The compromise reduced the southern states’ representation in congress and prevented them from expanding slavery deeper into the fabric of the nation, and enshrining it into the 20th century. “The Three-Fifths Compromise didn’t deny the humanity of blacks, it affirmed it.” – Carol Swain, Prager University,

Heather MacDonald: Today’s Education – License for Ignorance

Mark Levin interviews Heather MacDonald  2018/12/02

MAC DONALD: Well, the 80s was when it started in my view. That is when you got radical multiculturalism that hit. I was in college in 70s, I am grateful for because I was allowed to read John Milton, William Wordsworth and Shakespeare without anyone thinking to complain about the gonads and melanin of those authors. I got to lose myself in beauty, in greatness and sublimity.

Come the 80s, and students were given a license for ignorance. They were taught that the only thing they needed to know about a book was the race and gender of author to know whether it was thoroughly dismissible without even being read and they could go to instead wallow in their own delusional oppression, and it has only gotten worse since then, and what we are doing is breeding the grounds for I fear, Civil War because students are being taught to hate, to hate the greatest works of western civilization, and frankly to hate east each other.

From the moment a student steps on a college campus today as a freshman or a fresh person, I should probably say, the bureaucracy is determined to drum in to that student’s head, identity politics, which says, he is either a victim or an oppressor. Oppressors are obviously most famously white males, heterosexual white males. The only way they can get out to of their oppressor category is to become an ally – an ally of the oppressed.

The most preposterous delusion of all of this is student actually believe that they are at risk of their lives from circumambient racism and sexism on a college campus. This is an environment that in traditional liberal terms is the most tolerant environment in human history for society’s traditionally marginalized groups.

Yet, there is a massive bureaucracy dedicated to cultivating in students this delusional sense of their own oppression, which then they carry with them, it’s a chip on their shoulder that prevents them from seizing the magnificent opportunities to learn, to read every book that is ever been written, and they carry this chip, this delusional victimology into world at large, and they are going around blaming American institutions of endemic racism and sexism, when that no longer is true.

We Dowsers, All

We dowse of water, dowse of flame.
We dowse of wonder, dowse of fame.
We dowse of pleasure, dowse of pain.
We dowse the crazy, dowse the sane.

We dowse of power, and dowse of lust.
We dowse of virtue, and dowse the just.
We dowse sincere, and dowse of trust.

But, one true dowse, dowse We most,
Yet, one true dowse, to dowse the host,
We dowse the truth, averted eyes.
We dowse with sticks to cover lies.

Paul Guernsey Player, © 2018/11/04

In response to Our Newest Emperor’s New Clothes, by Judy Dykstra-Brown

My comment on her post:

“…much as many Americans are fleeing south…” I considered fleeing when my Fellow Americans elected Obama twice. I felt exactly as you do now, that my country was being destroyed by Enemies Within. I strived then, as I still do, to see my political foes as intelligent beings and to avoid “hurling hateful invectives”, such as this. When you attack the leader, you attack the millions who, with open eyes, selected this option over one far worse.
 Yes, our eyes are open, and I assume that yours are, too. It is time for us all to lift our gaze above the rim of our small worlds and see what others see.


Extremist Puddysticks

The difference between the political Left and Right in the U.S. can be compared to the difference between watching tV and listening to Radio.


Radio legend and former tV show host, Rush Limbaugh is eminintly qualified to speak to the difference: “tV is all visual, I can tell you the four years I did tV, the number of times people told me they remembered something I said could count on one hand. And the number of times they commented on my tie or a video clip or whatever were legion.”

“tV is all visual.” Only the V should be capitalized. The t gets lost in the quantum leap of attention our minds give to image processing. There are precious few resources left for the evaluation of actual data and ideas. The tV viewer’s attention is captive. He is mentally docile. tV makes onolatry [2] lefty CNNiots [3], moved by the latest Pseudo Event put out by its propagandists.

crying toddler torn
unjustly from its family
obscene brutal man


Not so with Radio, which by nature is the linear presentation of ideas. The listener is left in his own present, casting his attention on things of his own choosing. He often clicks on Radio precisely for this reason. He or she craves mental stimulation while remaining free to accomplish some other task. Incoming ideas flow at the pace of language, for re-assembly within each listener’s mind. If the ideas do not fit, cannot be assembled, the radio dial is turned, the overflowing opened box of parts goes back to IKEA, and the host is canned. The Radio listener directs his own attention. He is mentally and physically facile, free to move about. Radio creates self-aware reasoning individuals who think for themselves, unpersuaded, unmanipulated and unmoved by mere pictures. The tV viewer is directed with images. The Radio listener has to work at it, word-by-word, concept-by-concept.

no process in place
open border invites tears
freedom weaponized

Extreme Puddysticks [1]

This also explains the great, seemingly insurmountable divide between the left and the right. Why are they so incapable of understanding? They are obviously void of intelligent thought. Why don’t they see things the way we do? And there it is, the question that contains the answer. We don’t “see” things the same way. The tV mind is trained differently from the Radio mind. We form conclusions via different sets of processes. Ideas seem more or less persuasive, depending on how they are presented.

The difference between the Left and the Right is all puddysticks.

Paul Guernsey Player, Copyright © 2018/06/23

[1] puddysticks – (S. African children’s word) very easy
[2] onolatry – the worship of donkeys or asses
[3] CNNiot – (N. Amer. informal) a habitual, undiscriminating watcher of CNN [from vidiot, vid (video) + iot (idiot) – a habitual, undiscriminating watcher of television or videotapes]

Come and get us, we’re gun-free

Come and get us, we’re defenseless;
Come and get us, we’re gun-free;
Come and get us, door’s wide open,
Come and get us, watch us bleed.

No, I choose to stand and fight;
No, I choose to arm myself;
No, I choose to return fire;
No, I choose to love my life.

We can’t stand to see a weapon;
We can’t stand that you are free;
We can’t stand your self-reliance;
We can’t stand your liberty.

I can’t await police response time;
I can’t play hide and seek for blood;
I can’t watch my loved ones dying;
I can’t lie face-down in mud.

Paul Guernsey Player, copyright © 2018/05/24

Arm Students, Don’t Drug Them

Our educational system has apparently been producing an increasing number of psychopathic killers. At least that is what we are being let to believe. But let us remember, schools are not just a High Value, Soft Target, they are also where many of the mass shooters were indoctrinated educated. Has anyone asked what is wrong with our system of education? What changes occurred just before and during this byproduct of modern teaching methods? Stop blaming the NRA [National Rifle Association], which promotes responsible gun ownership and start looking for actual causes. HINT: It has something to do with Psychiatry and drugs.

In the mean time, if the teachers don’t want to be armed, than let the students themselves provide for their own self-defense. We wouldn’t need to arm the teachers if we armed their students, at least the ones in the ROTC [Reserve Officers’ Training Corps]. I’d bet that a great many students would volunteer to take on this responsibility. I’d also bet that, given proper training and supervision, ROTC Cadets would carry out these duties honorably and effectively. Kids don’t like to be shooting victims any more than the rest of us.

Brings new meaning to the position of Hall Monitor, doesn’t it?