On Poetry

Essays on poetry. These are my attempts to define it and diagnose its current state.

What Poetry Is

Poetry Lives in the Land of Verse
My second stab at a defining Poetry, distinguishing it from Prose.

President Kennedy on Poetry

The President praises Poetry’s power and awesome responsibility.

The Tomten and the Cat [footnote 3]

A discussion of the appropriate poetic form for translating Tompten Language into English.

What is poetry? Asked and Answered.

A brief but futile attempt at humility.

Poetry, a Definition

My first stab at a definition, trying to be all-encompassing.

Beowulf: listening for alliterative verse

The purpose of poetic forms

What Poetry Is Not

What is Prose Poetry? – It Isn’t.

An invitation to Prose writers to claim the beauty of their art form without having to call their sentences and paragraphs Poetry.

Blank Verse, a Three Crested Tsunami
On the origin and development of Blank Verse; Poetic forms are created for a given time and purpose; they also evolve;

Free Verse: Prose, with Style

Prose, even Biblical prose can have “a singular nobility of diction and … a rhythmic quality.”

What Others Say of Poetry

The State of Poetry Now? Human Pages

Are poets today largely talking to themselves?
Are many of them happy to do so, locked away in academia or whatever other cloister?

Literature’s debt to the language and intent of the Bible
[The Christian Science Monitor Archives]

The language of the Authorized Version deserves a concluding word, and it has been best said by John Livingston Lowes in his essay “The Noblest Monument of English Prose”

Let a Line Love YouTeresa J Scollon

My Childhood Friend’s practical advice on how to read and enjoy poetry.

My poetry is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.