Refrigerator Magnets

028 Seascape

012 Our blockheaded diva

011 [Hats] Stetson

010 [Hats] Tam O’Shanter

Tam O’Shanter

009 A twinkle in your father’s eye?

Looks like you’re having twins.

008 Heart

Having what it takes, even when you don’t.

007 Kindred diamonds

Stepping out with friends

006 Purdue Bound

Action in magnets.

005 Garden Music

Be considerate; Protect children;

004 The cat was here.

Used as the title image for my new story, The Tomten and the Cat.

003 APP Bound

Can magnets do portraits?

002 Bitter & Sweet

Something happened on way to the ingredients.

001 Serenity

Most days.

000 Proof of concept

Bright idea

They are just interesting to play with.