My Tennis Ball

by Sweetie (the dog)

This fuzzy tennis ball is mine, you know,
But you can play with it, when you come play 
with me. Just know that I'm the one who wins,
and you are not allowed to throw it past 
my face or tug at all to hard because
you know, it's mine. It's Mine. ALL MINE! 
                                               You know,
I like when you come and lay down on the floor.
It makes you way less big and scary, gives 
me better tooth-grip, too. You know I don't 
have hands. 
            Remember when we would play catch?
I'd roll it back to you, when you would roll 
it back to me. What fun - and we would do 
that for a while; and every time, I got 
to keep the ball! Because it's mine, you know.


Paul Guernsey Player, © 2018/08/23